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Marching in Parades... one of the things the Hobo Band does very well.
Independence Day Parades are no exception.
In fact, the Hobo Band typically plays in several parades on the 4th of July.

Ralph Miller
"Can you hear me NOW?"

Mert Sheppard
(in the witness protection program)

Conductor Sig waits for his marching orders.

"Are you sure we're playing Jingle Bells?"

"Tiny" Warren takes five.

Don and "Tiny"
"All this marchin' tires me out!"

Bob Schultz takes attendance...
"Okay, who's missing?"

Don Nace
"Go ahead - make my day!"

Margaret Ent and Caitlyn Nelson.
The kids throw a "ZING" at Janis Ent.

Louis Nicastro, Peter Siner and Josh Siner.
Everybody gets to sign the "ZING" poster!

"What are you doing?"
"Oh, nothing...  Just clowning around!"

John Pedicord, Lori Gall, and Janis Ent
"You want me to wear WHAT?"

A "Future Hobo?"


Steve Wagner sets up his clarinet
for a field goal attempt.

Alice Singletary, Penny Teter,
Mike Cholister and Nancy Vogt
Hobos doing what they do so well...

Hap McCleish and Bud Humphreville
"Hap, are you sure I look 'Presidential'"?

Hap McCleish
"You can't make me!" 

Ralph Miller rides again!

4th of July - 1990
Pitman, NJ

Sincere THANKS to the Following People for Sharing their Photographs with Us:
Bruce & Sharon Edwards
Alan Weinstein