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July 4th Parades 2006:
In Wenonah, Hobos play "Stars and Stripes Forever"
with Bonsal Blues

Bruce (a.k.a "Smiley") getting ready for
the Wenonah Parade.

Check, double check.
Capturing the Wenonah attendance list. 

Don't step on my blue suede jump suit.

Sig and Jill are giving pointers.

"Just hold your arms like this, you'll be cool."
Stars and Stripes sound!

Brian comes to "Parade -- Rest!"

Where did the band go?

"Stop?" No, just waiting...  

3 degrees of relaxation.

The 60th Year banner!

After the banner, the band!

Larry on point!

Sax during the parade!

Like the beat, beat, beat of the bass drum... 
The Bonsals (how'd they get in here?) Bonsal's Color Guard Marching through Wenonah... 

Lori plays with the Hobos...?

Jack, too!

Back come the Hobos... slow down, fellas...
Phil looks over the line... Bud adjusts his fedora. Yup, still works...
Stars and Stripes Forever! Together! Baritones to the fore! Up, down, up, down...

We'll play this direction...

Kelly on the stripes!.

Bonsals looking on... 

Flutes in the photo....

Nice drum, Pete.

If pictures had sound...BOOM! 
Are we there yet?
The Parade Moves to Pitman

The Bonsal Blues lead the bands

The Hobo Banner announces their arrival...

The pipes, mon, the pipes (and drums...)!

We got saxes -- and a clarinet...
Original members:
John Pedicord and Ralph Miller
Ralph and John ride in style. Harold drives.

The band takes a break. 


The Hobos were still playing in 90 degree heat.




Sincere THANKS to the Following People for Sharing their Photographs with Us:
Bruce & Sharon Edwards and
Lois Broadley