The Holiday Party for the Original Hobo Band
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A fine spread placed before the Hobos


Mmmmm... Prime Rib!
By J.G. Cooks

Entertainment by:
Denis DiBlasio/George Rabbai Quintet


Bryan Smick tries to figure out the camera
While date "Sherry" shoots the breeze.

George & Jill Wiese


Bev Williams & Sig Johnson

Leah & Frank Coles


Larry and Colleen Moore

George Young is looking at John Wernega, while John Wernaga gives Lois a look.


Brother Phil Blackman and
Doug Cotter with Mrs. Cotter

Henry & Judy Ryder
Bill Leeds and wife check out
a Hobo scrapbook


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schultz


Flowers & Mrs. Flowers


Ed Kille and wife

Rich & Connie Bimmer


Marilyn Rabbai & Georgie

Bruce the Bartender


Jerry & Steve converse.

Bob Hitman


Ralph & Jane Miller

Paul Thompson and Guest


Bill & Evelyn Klumpp


After Dinner, the Ever-Popular


Jane Feigin
2007 "Hobo of the Year"


Mary Ellen Henderson
"Hobo Seamstress"

Walt McCleary
"Best-Dressed Hobo"



Hero Awards to Bev & Larry
(Bev receiving a float to find her phone
when it falls into another toilet
since it has already happened twice)

Colleen Moore
Presented with her very own Decon Suit


Colleen Moore
Restroom Decon Specialist